Picture for blog post What is a cream tea in England?

What is a cream tea in England?

What is a Cream Tea in England?

First of all, if you’re planning a trip over here, DO enjoy a cream tea in England when you can!
Have no fear that it’s a revolting mixture of pouring cream into your tea (no, never do that!).  
Instead it’s an age old tradition of enjoying 4 things together as a teatime (or elevenses) sort of treat:

Scones (a little bit like American ‘biscuits’ but more risen)

Clotted Cream (a super-thick, delicious fresh cream made by scalding the milk and letting the fats rise).  Alas this isn’t easily available in many countries - excepting a far-less-nice UHT version, so whilst in the UK, be sure to buy a tub from a supermarket of Fresh Clotted Cream


Jam (usually Strawberry but could be Blackcurrant…Raspberry or something more unusual)

A cup of tea (usually English Breakfast or Earl Grey)

Those are the components of English Cream Tea, nothing else!  

The scone (some people rhyme it with stone, and others pronounce it so it rhymes with gone) should be prised into two halves with clean hands, rather than a knife.  Then pile your cream and jam on to the scone and enjoy every bite - whilst sipping your tea in between!  Delicious.

That is a cream tea in England!

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