Scone of the Month Club

Choose from 6 or 12 monthly deliveries, each offering a different combination of scones, tea and topping. Ideal as a gift (that keeps on giving!) or even as a treat to yourself. NB Available in the UK only.
6 Bi-Monthly Subscription
12 Monthly Subscription
Any special requests

With this monthly Subscription, choose between bi-monthly deliveries for 6 months OR every month for a year! Price includes delivery to UK but we can quote for Europe too though not as far as the US etc alas.

Each monthly/bi-monthly gift contains four freshly baked Scones of The Month complete with their accompanying toppings and delicious tea. We don't include the fresh cream as this is a postal delivery - but all the other elements of the treat are sent out to the lucky recipient. £123 for deliveries every other month or £203 for every month of the year.

So...if you have a friend or relative that you'd like to send regular treats to - this is perfect.

If you are a supplier to say, an Events Organiser....then what a great way to remind them 6-12 times a year of yourself and your services! 


From Sweet to Savoury - this is a taste adventure.  I wonder which ones would be your favourite. Each scone delivery comes with its own complementing Tea - so put your feet up for 5 minutes and enjoy this little piece of deliciousness!  Share with friends or just have all 3 scones yourself each month (we won't tell!) :D

The Scone of the Month varieties are these (not necessarily in this order - all twelve for the Year's subscription and 6 of them for the bi-monthly six deliveries option!):


* Citrus Scones with Lemon & Passionfruit Curd and Afternoon Tea

* Chocolate Scones with Blackcurrant & Plum jam and Chocolate Tea

* Spiced Fruit Scones with Apple Mincemeat and Apple Pie Tea

* Cheese Scones with Pickle and Henry Norris CBE Smokey Tea

* Olive and Sundried Tomato Scones with Onion Relish and  Liquorice Tea

* Mint Chocolate Chip Scones with Blackcurrant Jam and Peppermint Tea

* Traditional Scones with Strawberry Jam and Strawberries and Cream Tea

* Banoffee Scone with Soft Toffee and Butterscotch Tea

* Bacon and Chive Scones with Chutney with Cranberry Rooibos Tea

* Vanilla Scones with Raspberry and Blackberry Jam and Egg Custard Tart Tea

* Pina Colada Scones with Honey and Pina Colada Tea

* Cookies and Cream Scones with Chocolate Spread and English Breakfast Tea




Cheese Scones from the Scone of the Month Club


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