Make your tea your perfect tea - Choose from our range of delicious enhancers to add to your tea - or even your Gin!
Choose your Enhancer

Ever fancied being a tea blender? Well now you can be! Simply chose your enhancer and add it to whichever tea you like.

You can also use our enhancers to add to Gin! Not that we have tried, a'hem!



BLUE CORNFLOWER PETALS 10g ℮ Caffeine free Cornflower Petals from Provence, France ORGANIC AROMATIC EGYPTIAN CAMOMILE 20g ℮ Caffeine free from the Nile River Delta, Egypt FRENCH LAVENDER 15g ℮ Caffeine free Lavender from Provence, France
 GINGER PIECES 30g ℮ Caffeine free dried Ginger pieces from Thailand ORGANIC SUN-DRIED GROUND LEMON 35g ℮ - Caffeine free from the Nile River Delta, Egypt TUSCAN ROSE PETALS 10g ℮ Caffeine free Rose Buds and Petals from Tuscany, Italy
 PEPPERMINT WILLAMETTE 20g ℮ Caffeine free Peppermint from Washington, USA SWEET AIR-DRIED SEVILLE ORANGE PEEL 35g ℮ Caffeine free Orange peel from Seville, France

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