Scone or Scon(e) Gift Book

Delightful hardback gift book full of colour photographs has a foreword by the wonderful etiquette expert William Hanson. The book explains all about the great British tradition of Afternoon Tea, how to hold a tea party, what to look for in a great tea room etc. It even includes an Etiquette Quiz to see if your manners are Palace ready!
Would you like this signed by the author? Who would you like it dedicated to?
Requests, eg date to be posted

We can send this book out worldwide - and it can be signed by the author Jane Malyon if you wish. Just let us know in the notes section if the book should be dedicated to a particular name.

Also, we have a bookstore in New Hampshire, USA who can send the book out from their stock. Here's their website or contact Willard at The Toadstool Bookshop, 12 Depot Sq, Peterborough, NH 03458 USA. Click to email with your details or call 603-924-3543


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