Care Packages!

Small but charming gift tin containing treats arriving by 1st class post + a little fun Word Search game too! Order for yourself or send these out to your staff, parents, anyone who could do with some delicious goodies arriving to brighten their day! Price includes UK mainland postage. Dispatched Mon-Thurs, subject to processing.
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So this is the plan: Each gift will contain a Lucky Dip mystery!  BUT it will always involve some high quality tea and then some scones or cake or handmade biscuits or something delicious to enjoy at home.  Here are examples:

Plump scones with a topping, eg Citrus Scones with Lemon Curd or Traditional Scones with Strawberry Jam.

Lemon Drizzle Cake with Lemon Curd and Tea

Shortbread....Chocolate Brownie....Victoria Sponge Cake....Mixed Spice Rock Cakes.....these are all examples of what could be in your gift tin.  All delicious and always enough for two people to share with your cups of tea or for one person to be quite greedy (or even save some for later!). :D

SPECIAL REQUESTS: Let us know the date you'd like it sent out and we'll aim to post it first class to mainland UK (included in the price).  PERFECT!  The treat will be on its way, complete with your personalised message AND a word search game to enjoy with your cuppa! 

NB. This product goes in a tin by post and therefore does NOT contain clotted cream - you'd need to order our Fresh  Afternoon Cream Tea hampers which travel in special chilled packaging by speedy courier, for us to be allowed by the Environmental Health Dept to include fresh dairy items.

PS. We won't add nuts to these goodies.....and if you're after Gluten Free or Vegan ones, just click on the button to ensure that's taken care of too.  You can add in the Special Requests section about any other strong preferences! The Scone Gnomes always aim to please!  xx

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