Picture for blog post No Scone Burgers please (we're British)!

No Scone Burgers please (we're British)!

We know the important thing is to enjoy your English Cream Tea. Of course that matters greatly.  But if we could politely request - do not pile both sides of the scone back together again to form a 'burger' - that's a no-no!

For a start, it's impossible to eat one of these 'burgers' without a big, squidgy, cream and jam explosion.  It goes everywhere!  It's not nice to watch someone attempting this either!  Secondly though - you're missing a trick because you can get much more cream and jam on the two separate halves than a combined burger scone.  And it's the cream and jam that are the crowning glories, whether you prefer it the Cornish way (jam first) or the Devonshire way (cream first)!

It's also nice etiquette if you break your scone halves into smaller pieces and just add jam and cream per bite, as you go.  It's a given (isn't it?) that you've remembered to break your scone in half in the first place (never cut a scone!) AND you've put your jam and cream on the side of the plate, from where you put it on your scone pieces with your knife.  Never dollop it straight onto your scone from the communal bowls of cream and jam.

So there we have it.  Some of the British etiquette and teatime manners around eating your scone.  English cream tea is a treat indeed!

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